Fashion SEO

Fashion SEO

Are you tired of racing against your competitors for Google rankings and always ending up in eleventh place?

Is your fashion SEO in-house team struggling to make inroads onto the almighty Page One? Or, sigh, even page five?

Or perhaps your current digital marketing agency isn’t delivering the results they promised? (Are they a generalist agency? We bet they’re a generalist agency. Pah!)

You’ve got targets to hit and sales to make, but your current one-step-forward, two-steps-back approach to search engine results isn’t making it easy. We’re here to change that.

Whether you’re an established high-street brand or an up-and-coming emerging brand, we can help up your fashion SEO game.


What We Can Help You With

SEO isn’t just one thing. It’s a glorious realm of intricacies and algorithms (honest), and there are many things we can do with it to boost your brand’s visibility.

We’re experienced in various ecommerce platforms (including Magento, Hybris,
Salesforce/Demandware and Shopify) and are good at making the most of them without letting budgets spiral. Here’s what we can do for you:

SEO audits

More fun than it sounds, this is the part where we dive under the bonnet of your website and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll give you a detailed report on how to get things up to scratch. It’s imperative to do this before anything else, because if your website’s not set up to rank well in Google from the off, it doesn’t matter what else you try. You’re going nowhere.

Technical SEO fixes and Recommendations

It doesn’t matter if your website looks beautiful and is a dream to navigate if no one ever finds the damn thing. We’ll show you how to make your website work in harmony with search engines, enabling the wondrous relationship between your website and your customers to blossom. Ahh.

Backlink clean-up

If Google sees another website linking back to you, you’re probably going to go up in its estimation – and its rankings. But only if you’re getting your backlinks from the right places. Spammy, paid or rented links have rather the opposite effect. We’ll tell Google to ignore those shady undesirables, helping ensure your website doesn’t end up wallowing in the depths, never to see the light of Page One.

Keyword research (for search engines and Amazon)

There’s no point ranking for phrases no one will ever search for. Equally, you shouldn’t waste your time targeting keywords that’ll be insanely difficult to rank for without a sky-high budget. (Unless you have a sky-high budget, in which case you should definitely get in touch *wink*). But seriously: knowing which keyword phrases will actually be effective for your brand’s bottom line is essential, and we can help you figure it out – for both organic and paid search. (Psst: find out more about our dedicated Amazon marketing services.

Local SEO strategy

If you’re running a bricks-and-mortar fashion brand in a specific region, sorting out your local SEO strategy is a must. Because if you want people to drop in and have a look around, they need to know you exist in the first place. And appearing in relevant geographical searches for people in the area can help with that – as can having accurate business info listed, reviews from trusted sources, and that precious little marker on Google Maps.

International SEO strategy

Do you want to expand into Europe (or vice versa)? Google knows where people are browsing from, and it’ll always try to show them results that are relevant to them. That’s why it’s crucial to consider how you’ll appear to your new potential customers, whether that means getting a localised domain extension, ensuring your copy’s translated fluently, or simply taking into account cultural differences. We’ll help make your brand visible to your new customer base without wasting time or money on the wrong things.

Domain renaming and migration

Changing your brand’s domain name? Terrified of losing the Google rankings you’ve painstakingly clawed away from your competitors? We can help you do it without sacrificing the gains you’ve made so far, just like we did for REISS, GANT, Hunter, Monsoon and Accessorize.

Content optimisation

What’s the point of creating fabulous content if Google doesn’t even give it a second glance? What’s the point indeed. To have any strategic value, your content needs to be fully optimised. That means mobile-friendly, just about as useful as you can get, and keywords in all the right places. In short: your content needs to be findable (pretty sure that’s a word) and unputdownable (also most definitely a word).

Content marketing, outreach and PR

We’ll help you get those all-important backlinks – and from worthwhile websites to boot. And, spoiler, we do it all without embarking on spamathons, unlike some digital marketing agencies. So important we gave it its own page, read all about our content marketing services over here.

Consulting for in-house teams and brands

Need solutions to a very specific SEO niggle? Want somebody to walk you through something technical? After a second opinion? Or just not sure where the hell to start? We’ve got answers, and we don’t hold back. Consider yourself warned. Find out more here.

How this works

There’s no once-and-done playbook for SEO.

It’s a constantly evolving machine, which means what worked last year might not work this year. That’s why we take a sustainable approach, keeping on top of the latest developments and tweaking our methods so that our clients don’t get penalised every time Google updates their algorithms. (They do that a lot, by the way.)

And besides all that, what will work for you depends on multiple things, like whether you’re an established brand or an emerging one, or whether you want to target the local area, the whole country or – do I sense a hint of the maniacal genius about you? – the entire world.

We’ll investigate what you’re hoping to achieve, how soon you want to get there, what your budget for it is – and whether it’s a viable and valuable goal for your business.

That’s right – we don’t make false promises or outrageous claims. If we don’t think trying to rank for a particular phrase, topic or audience type is going to be financially worthwhile (and really, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?) for your brand, we’ll tell you so and recommend what you could try instead.


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