Fashion PPC

Fashion PPC

Do you want to get instant search results for your brand? Then you need PPC. But you knew that. That’s why you’re here.

When it comes to paid search, many big agencies work for a percentage of media spend, which, when you think about it, means there’s zero incentive for them to help you spend less. 

That’s not how we do things around here. Instead, we help you reduce costs by only focusing on the metrics that matter.

We’re not here to help you get seen by the most people. We’re here to help you get seen by the right people. We’ll target the right audience, at the right time, with the right message.

That means we filter out the people hunting down bargains, searching for ‘discounts’ and ‘cheap’ and ‘money off’.

Instead, we throw all our know-how into attracting the person who’s after the official brand experience. You know, the person who’s willing to pay full whack, because they want to buy specifically from you.

What We Can Help You With

If there’s an increasing number of people searching for your products, but organic search results aren’t bringing them to you, well – they’re going somewhere. And that somewhere is probably a multi-brand retailer. PPC will help you reclaim those buyers.

By allowing other websites to sell your products, you’re handing over a chunk of your market share. We’re here to help you control just how much you give away – and how much you retain. After all, you make more money when you sell it yourself.

We run PPC ads campaigns on:

Google Ads (we’re a Premier Partner, s’matter of fact)
Bing Ads (because, yeah, some people don’t do Google)
Amazon Ads (we have an entire page dedicated to this service here)
Facebook Ads and other Social media (oh hey, this gets its own page too!)

We’ll do our research, identify the right audience, and then we’ll implement our campaign with surgical precision, tailoring it right down to the perfect keywords and the right time and place to display your ads.

How This Works

Before anything else, we’ll evaluate your market opportunity. We’ll investigate what your brand’s current percentage of market share is, and where there’s potential for growth.
That’ll show us where to start, and we’ll build your campaign around that. We don’t just look at PPC though ­– we offer a combined approach that works in harmony with your SEO. You want a combined SEM report? You got it.

Because, ultimately, people search in a search engine – and it’s not just your paid ads they’ll see. Instead of pitting two agencies against each other, leaving the PPC team trying to tear market share back from the SEO guys, we look at the whole picture and analyse where to concentrate our efforts to get you the best results (by which we mean the most sales, obviously).

This means we work hard to figure out your cross-channel attribution. How does spending a pound over here result in ten pounds over there? Does buying mobile PPC clicks drive organic sales? Great! Let’s do more of that, then. Too many agencies focus only on the last click, because that’s the bit that makes them look good – but it’s a truly ineffective way of getting the best out of your search engine marketing. And that’s what we’re here for.

Ready to Boost Your Brand With PPC? Give us a holler using the form below and we’ll get (the right) people clicking their way to your brand in no time.


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