When a Fashion Ecommerce Business Should Consider a Consultant

Performance marketing consultant for established fashion brands

Whether you’ve got an agency working full-time on all things marketing for you or you’re doing everything in-house, it’s a good idea to have an outside expert check in from time to time to give you unbiased feedback on how you’re doing. Especially when that expert happens to have 16 years’ experience in performance marketing – and heads an agency that specialises in fashion to boot. Unless you’re not a fashion brand, of course, in which case we can only assume you’re here to marvel at our spectacular copy. It’s okay. We get that a lot.

Assuming you are a fashion brand, here’s how we can help:

New ideas and a fresh perspective

Do you want a second opinion on something your team is currently working on? Or on something they’re tentatively thinking about working on – but want to confirm is a good idea first? Well, that’s handy because that’s what we’re here for.

We can also reveal opportunities you’d otherwise miss and add weight to an idea when you’re struggling to get buy-in from stakeholders.

Disaster relief and emergency services

Did we make that sound too dramatic? Well, maybe. But you won’t think so the next time your full-service agency or web developer screws something up in an entirely preventable way and you’re scrambling to make things right again.

Got a platform migration gone wrong? A paid media account operating on outdated tactics from 2017? Performance marketing that doesn’t align with your brand vision? We are the Marie Kondo to your digital marketing chaos. We’ll step in and sort it.

Asking the tough questions and finding the right balance

When you’ve got a team dedicated to making online sales and a team dedicated to building your brand and telling its story, they don’t always see eye to eye – which means they can end up hindering the other’s goals.

We’ll ask the tough questions to help find the balance between growing your brand and making enough sales. Because too much of one and you don’t hit your targets. Too much of the other and you don’t have enough loyal customers – and, er, you still don’t hit your targets. So yeah, it’s a fine balance – and we’ll help you find it with our unbiased, analytical approach.

Specialist knowledge in your industry

We don’t do this for just anyone. We work exclusively with fashion and lifestyle brands, which means we’re better at giving you what you need than generic, full-service agencies. Because specialising in this way means we can always keep on top of the latest updates in the industry and what the big players are up to – who’s succeeding, who’s using shady tactics, and what you need to do to win out over them all.


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