Fashion Retail Stores: How To Use Paid Social To Support Your Location

Paid social for fashion brands with physical stores

Social media for online-only fashion brands is pretty straightforward: you sell things online and attempt to woo people to your website. Bam. But when it comes to a brand like yours – the kind with bricks and mortar and clothes racks and changing rooms – things get a little more, ah, complicated.

Just how do you manage paid social for a brand with physical stores? And more importantly, are you making any of these mistakes?

You’re using generic, brand-wide campaigns

The places are different. The people are different. The promotions are different. So why are your ads the same? Why would you roll out the same generic campaigns across your whole brand when you could run location-specific ads that direct people straight into your stores as they stroll past?

Instead of doing the bare minimum with a generic campaign, we’ll get ultra specific. We’ll put together ads that include relevant, current promotions going on in each of your stores. Because what better way to attract people than with something you made specifically for them? Who doesn’t love to feel special?

You don’t understand how your social influences your in-store shoppers

Without a good understanding of how your social campaigns influence people to walk into your stores and buy things, how are you supposed to, you know – make it happen more?

Not to get all techy on you, but we’ll use location services and engagement metrics to make connections between your social-media clickers and your in-store shoppers. It’s a difficult thing to track, so your competitors probably aren’t doing it either. Can you say Hellloooo, opportunity?

You’re not following up with your in-store shoppers

Someone who buys from you in-store is likely to do it again. And that goes a million-fold (okay, a million may be a slight exaggeration) for those shoppers you’re able to successfully follow up with online. Because if you can follow up with someone online, you can tempt them into your store again and again with targeted offers.

Persuading customers to share their email addresses with you is the name of the game here, and a loyalty programme is one of the most effective ways to do it. But you knew that already. What you might not know is what to do with those emails addresses once you’ve got them. We’ll use them to build custom audiences for Facebook campaigns, and then we’ll create hyper-specific ads for products and promotions (please refer back to point one – you know, the one about not being basic AF).


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