Get The Basics Right! SEO Tough Love For Fashion Startups (Before It’s Too Late)

SEO for up-and-coming fashion brands

Everything can feel like a battle when your brand’s younger than five years old.

How are you supposed to make any headway in SEO when fashion brands as old as time itself are dominating search results?

And it doesn’t help that SEO is a huge, confusing and ever-changing beast. Any of these problems sound familiar?

You’re struggling just to get the basics right

Maybe you’ve had a couple of free audits done, but they didn’t reveal anything beyond what you learned after Googling ‘SEO beginners guide’. And no matter whether you use a WordPress bolt-on store (like WooCommerce or Shopify) or something more exotic, getting devs to make changes costs you time and money, both of which are in shorter supply when you’re an emerging brand.

So it’s helpful to get it right the first time – which is easier when you work with a specialist fashion search agency. Hi there. That would be us. We’ll review what you’re doing so far and how well it’s working. And then we’ll tell you how to do it better. We’ll check your content, sitemaps, canonical tags, architecture, internal links, semantic markup, page titles, meta descriptions, site speed, mobile performance, international impact—

What’s that? You’re convinced and want us to stop with the endless list? Okay, fine. Just one more, because it’s important: we’ll check the disconnect between your ideal customer and who actually visits your website. Aaaand BREATHE.

You don’t understand your analytics or how to use them to make more sales

Getting people to visit your website and buy something IMMEDIATELY after finding you in organic search results is the dream. So it’s tempting to scan your analytics, see where your actual buyers are coming from, and throw your SEO budget in that direction. But that’s a mistake.

We’ve seen too many emerging brands focus only on last-click metrics without considering the cross-channel journey that introduced buyers to them in the first place. Because in reality, it’s rare to get that last click without all the brand visibility that came before it.

We’ll make sure your SEO strategy works in cohesion with the rest of your user journey, bringing you more customers in the long term. We’ll do that by setting up your analytics to yield useful, actionable information. Analytics can map out the voyage that brings people from discovering you to clicking ‘Add to cart’ on your website, which is helpful when deciding how to spend your budget. But only if they’re set up right. Which, in our experience, they usually aren’t – especially for emerging brands. Shame, because when done right, you can clearly see how spending a dollar in one channel will reward you with five dollars in another.

You don’t understand SEO but you don’t know who you can trust to help you

There are plenty of SEO agencies out there who try to lure new brands in with their trickstery ways. Handing out ‘free SEO strategy roadmaps’ they hope will turn into ‘pay us and we’ll do everything in it roadmaps’. Conducting free audits that result in a list of problems as long as your tailored-shirt sleeve – problems which, conveniently, will need solving. Preferably for a hefty fee. Agencies who’ll try to sign you up for lengthy ongoing contracts, without specifying what you’ll get after they implement their vague ‘best practice’ checklist.

We don’t believe in locking emerging brands into lengthy contracts. Instead, we offer on-demand support, in whatever shape you need it, whether that means consulting with you, taking the lead on your SEO strategy, or something in between. Best of all? We use outcome-based pricing for ongoing projects, because we understand the financial risk involved for up-and-coming brands.

Oh, and we don’t have any hashed-together freebies to tempt you. In fact, if we don’t think we can help you, we’ll say so. We’re nothing if not honest.


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