You Must Consider The Following To Grow Startups with PPC

PPC for up-and-coming fashion brands

PPC is the obvious choice when you’re building a new brand. Ranking organically is tough when it’s early days, so it makes sense to throw some cash at the problem until you become more established and win a few fans.

The trouble is your cash is currently somewhat – how do we put this nicely? – limited. And if you’re struggling to get worthwhile results from PPC without overspending, it’s probably because…

You’re pushing sales too hard without building the brand first – and it’s not working

Which comes first, the branding or the sales? TRICK QUESTION. Branding and sales are twins hatched from the same egg. Hmm. Did we mess that metaphor up? Anywaaay. The point is, when you’re a new brand you have to focus on fast growth, otherwise you’re going to go under. But you can’t grow if people have no idea who you are or why they should care.

The name of the game here is accurately measuring market opportunity and acting accordingly – figuring out the ideal blend of brand-building and sales-pushing. Which is what we do, naturally. We also use PPC to quickly test what gets people to click and what doesn’t, and use what we learn to bolster your organic channel, giving you a stronger overall strategy and better long-term growth. It’s not as simple as we’re making it sound, though. If the keywords that worked in PPC aren’t stacking up in organic – which sometimes happens, because users with different intents click on different things – we’ll use PPC to earn the revenue that organic can’t.

You’re attracting the wrong people to your website – and they’re not buying anything

There’s your ideal customer – and there’s your actual customer. If there’s a disconnect between the two, you’re probably not hitting your sales targets. And, not to make things more complicated, but there’s also your website-visitor persona, aka the 97% of visitors who probably aren’t buying from you at all. You want to grow? All three need to align. Because if your website visitors are your ideal customers, they’ll turn into your actual customers, too. The difficulty, of course, is in figuring out how they all tie together.

We track things. We track a lot of things. Who’s coming to your website. What they like. Where they’re coming from and what they’re doing when they get there. Google Analytics is our friend here. And if you already have a customer database, we’ll throw that into the mix too (much less casually than we just made it sound), uploading the email addresses to Google Ads. Then, using all this juicy info, we’ll create distinct audience personas that allow us to figure out the visitors who are most likely to turn into customers – and how to attract more of them.

You haven’t even figured out the basics yet

Man, isn’t building a new brand exhausting? You have to figure all this stuff out, usually by yourself or with a small team, and damn if there isn’t a lot to learn. Your analytics for ecommerce probably aren’t configured properly, and that’s to say nothing of your mindset – which is probably making kneejerk decisions based on cost. Because, at this stage, you haven’t got a lot else to go on.  

With our fashion-specific performance marketing experience, we’ll help you figure out which routes will provide the best value and which will be a waste of your time and money. We’re here for market predictions, conversion-rate calculations and all that other dull stuff that might make you wonder why you ever thought building this brand was a good idea in the first place.


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