Reality Check: Does Your Online-Only Lifestyle Brand Take SEO For Granted?

SEO for pureplay ecommerce fashion brands

You’re a pureplay fashion brand. Digital is what you do.

So it’s kind of important to make sure you’re on top of your SEO game. Well, you knew that. That’s why you’re here.

And we’re guessing you’ve arrived at our door because you’ve got one of these problems (or three):

Your technical SEO recommendations are old. Like, really old.

This is the internet. Life comes at you fast, and so do algorithm changes that can wipe you off the front page. If you’ve got devs parroting Google Webmaster guidelines at you, that’s not innovation. It’s the bare minimum. And unless your team has Google under constant surveillance – keeping an eye on what they’re up to and thinking about what they might do next – they’re not going to be prepared for whatever Google throws at them.

When Google rolls out an update, there are winners and losers. Not to sound creepy or anything, but we’re always watching the winners. We research those who come out on top and figure out why. We know the biggest fashion category trends in SEO week on week. We know who’s cheating to get a quick win – and who’s playing the long game with a solid SEO strategy that won’t fall at the latest algorithm update. In short, we know how to get you the gold medal in SEO. (Shame it’s not an Olympic sport, really.)

Your PR & marketing team don’t get SEO – and they’re making things worse

Sorry, but there’s just no polite way to say it. If your agency’s approach to outreach is sending out thousands of impersonal emails, they’re doing more harm than good. Shadowy tricks that rely on faking your popularity and accumulating poor-quality backlinks are how brands end up on Google’s naughty list with all the other spammers. Avoiding that fate means accurately measuring how Google scores your website in SEO. Which is where we come in, of course.

Google does some extremely complicated calculations to figure out the expertise, trustworthiness and authority of your website, and it uses these calculations to decide where to rank you in its search results.

Our link-profile specialists understand this. They know how to evaluate your links and other SEO signals, and use that info to your advantage. Combine that with our fashionista-managed outreach team and you’ve got a recipe for success.

You’re attracting the wrong type of customer and they’re not buying anything

There’s your ideal customer – and there’s your actual customer. If there’s a disconnect between the two, you might not be hitting your sales targets. And, not to make things more complicated, but there’s also your website-visitor persona, aka the 97% of visitors who probably aren’t buying from you at all. You want to grow? All three need to align. Because if your website visitors are your ideal customers, they’ll turn into your actual customers, too. The difficulty, of course, is in figuring out how they all tie together.

We track things. We track a lot of things. Who’s coming to your website. What they like. Where they’re coming from and what they’re doing when they get there. Using all this juicy info, we create distinct audience personas that allow us to figure out the visitors who are most likely to turn into customers – and how to attract more of them.

We test and learn from user behaviour and engagement metrics, so we’ll be able to tell you the cost of turning visitors into customers. You’ll get no fuzzy CPAs from us – only clear cost estimates for each persona.

Team members who don’t work in SEO are affecting your SEO – and not in a good way

SEO can’t be done in a bubble. Everything that happens to your website affects its SEO. Marketing, merchandising, designers, developers – everyone who touches the website makes a difference. This in itself isn’t a problem. The problem is lack of communication. To get the best out of your SEO, everyone needs to work together, otherwise one person can end up undoing another’s good work.

We’re big on transparency. When we work on your SEO, we do so collaboratively with everyone else on your team, no matter their department. That means going beyond monthly and weekly updates. Beyond the default dashboard of your SEO tool. Instead, we set up a dedicated project area shared by our team and yours. We hate to sound corny, but – we work better together.


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