Reality Check: Online-Only Brands Lack PPC Plan To Grow/Protect Marketshare

PPC for online-only fashion brands

Online is your thing. You’re all over social media. Your website is smooooth and easy to navigate. Mobile-friendly, too. Your target audience is internet-savvy and never more than three feet away from their phone.

You get that digital is the future and want to take advantage of every avenue you can, so you can outpace your older, slower competitors who are stuck in their ways. And that includes your PPC ads. If yours aren’t currently getting the results you want, we have a few theories why:

Your forecasting and strategy are struggling to help you hit targets

PPC targets are often set by a group of people sitting in a boardroom, who will look at what you made last year and stack another 40% – or even 80 – on top of it, wangle it into a nice round number, and then say, Here, go accomplish this. And figuring out how is your job. To make matters worse, the bigger you get, the harder it becomes to hit your targets. There’s only so much room in the pond, you know?

Instead of blindly going all-out offensive in our strategies, which can grind things to a halt when you come up against an unexpected slow period, we go on the defensive. That means we keep a constant eye on what’s going on in the market, so we can analyse and predict opportunities accurately – meaning we’ll know how best to play things at any given moment. Is now the right time to pitch the sale, or would it be better to focus on building recognition or desirability? These are the things we spend far too much time thinking about. We’ll always tell you the truth about market opportunities and what a real forecast looks like. We’re nice like that.

You’re relying too much on PPC

That’s a weird thing to say on a page where we’re trying to pitch our PPC services, right? But hear us out. If you’ve experienced a lot of growth in a short amount of time, it probably means your PPC has been focused on a fast-and-furious approach. Which, yeah, is pretty great in the beginning. But people have heard of you now and it’s time to switch tack, because if you continue to throw yourself into your current last-click approach, you’re going to limit your long-term growth.

Last-click PPC is not the be-all and end-all of online conversions. In fact, we’d argue it’s just the beginning. We’ll put your overall channel growth ahead of your last-click PPC growth, because that’s how you win loyal, lifetime customers after all the excitement has died down. If you can spend a dollar in PPC that generates five dollars in organic, well, why wouldn’t you? Answer: because your current agency doesn’t do cross-channel attribution. But we do.

You’re spending way more than necessary to get mediocre results

Famous brands: If you’re spending more than 8% of media spend on your agency, you’re spending too much – especially if you’re not getting particularly staggering results for that inflated cost (probably because they’re putting their entry-level ‘PPC Account Executives’ on the job). And, well, when your agency charges by % of media spend, you can’t deny there’s an incentive to get you to spend more.

We use fixed, value-based pricing instead, and we use innovative techniques and up-to-date knowledge to implement strategies that’ll work in the long-term – not just get quick results that make us look good. It’s too easy to focus on last-click PPC results and ignore all the other important stuff that gets you to the last-click. Not us, though. We’ll strive to ensure you’re not overly reliant on paid media, so you can free up budget for more innovation elsewhere.

You’re considering opening physical stores, but aren’t sure how to make PPC play nice with that

It’s difficult to quantify how PPC ads steer customers into stores. Which means it’s difficult to convince stakeholders that it’s the way to go, despite it being a logical first touchpoint in your customer journey. Because if people don’t know you’re there, they’re not going to drop by – and PPC ads are a simple way to get in people’s line of sight. Especially when you consider how glued to their phones people are when they’re out and about.

We’ll drive new customers into your stores by taking your current customer’s persona, uploading it to your Google Ads database, and creating ads targeted at exactly the kind of people who buy things from you already – and happen to be in the vicinity. Handy, that. We’re all about going local when it comes to attracting in-store customers, because that’s how you beat the bigger brands.


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