Devil’s In The Details: Maximise ROI On Paid Social (Pureplay Focus)

Paid social for online-only fashion brands

Okay, so you sell your products online. You know what that means? Social media is cruuuuucial. (Extra vowels indicate higher importance, obviously.)

Well, yes, obviously you knew that. That’s why you’re here.

What you presumably don’t know is what to do about it. Which is why…

You’re not balancing your social budget effectively, at all

It’s all too easy to throw your entire ad budget into campaigns designed to get the sale now, at the expensive of building brand awareness. But it can go the other way, too: focusing your ads purely on brand awareness, because you don’t really believe social media ads ever actually convert. To this we say: why not both?

We pride ourselves on our ability to walk the tightrope of ad budgets, balancing effortlessly between brand awareness and conversions. (That didn’t come out very sexy, did it? Imagine we’re wearing leota— wait, never mind.) Our somewhat pedantic approach gives us granular control over the budget, so we can quickly switch between making people fall in love with your brand and making targeted offers to them when they’re primed to buy.

You’re not paying attention to your customer journey – or purchase lag

It would be fabulous if everyone who saw one of your ads immediately clicked through to your site and bought something. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how it goes. But that doesn’t mean they’re not going to buy something eventually – and that lag is what we need to pay attention to here. Because if we know that, we can hook ‘em when the time is right.

We monitor statistics. A lot of them. Because, boring as it sounds, stats are what we need to figure out the perfect time to strike. We pay attention to riveting things like how many times someone views an ad before clicking it, and then we execute the perfect chain of events – nudging people from first-view to first-buy and beyond.

You’re creating ugly, boring ads

If your ads were people, they’d be sitting creepily in the corner of a bar wearing nondescript brown clothes and sipping on a nondescript brown ale. No one would look twice, and they’d probably keep their distance. Here ends our metaphor for ugly ads with weird aspect ratios, bad-quality images and incorrect or missing information. Those are the kind that aren’t going to win you any clicks, let alone any sales, by the way.

People want to know exactly what they’re buying, and they need to know they’re buying it from someone they can trust. (And no one trusts the shady figure in the corner of the bar.) When we create ads for you, we’ll – to put it bluntly – make them beautiful and alluring. The kind of ads that would drink champagne and dazzle people with their wit and charm.


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