Ask Better Questions of Enterprise SEO Agencies in 2019

Enterprise SEO for global fashion brands with everything to lose

Ranking in search results should be a breeze when you’re an enterprise brand. After all, you’re big. People know you. Why wouldn’t you rank highly? But still, your approach to SEO isn’t quite hitting the mark.

We suspect you have one of these problems. Or, if you’re really unlucky, all of these problems:


You’re so big your agency is taking you for a ride

Everyone knows you’ve got a sky-high budget. How could you not? That’s the price of fame, or success, or something. Agencies hear your name, smile knowingly to themselves (with an evil glint in their eye, presumably), and thrust their prices up as much as they can get away with.

We’ll review what you’re getting for your current level of investment and figure out how your money could be much better spent. Imagine the possibilities: new innovations through R&D, investing in other aspects of ecommerce (augmented reality, anyone?), or simply an SEO strategy geared towards your specific needs rather than your lofty budget.

You’ve got too much to lose

With great power comes great risk of losing your visibility in organic search results. Pretty sure that’s how it goes.

Either way, the bigger your organic market share, the more you have to lose if it all goes wrong. Did you know ASOS lost around 50% of its organic visibility in 2018? (Which begs the question about managing mobile subdomains in the era of Google’s mobile-first indexing.) suffered a similar fate, and B&Q’s HTTPS migration didn’t exactly go as planned last year either.

Sustainable Approach To SEO

Enterprise SEO is tough and things often go wrong.

But growing your visibility isn’t the hardest part of SEO. It’s sustaining that growth – retaining your top spot – that’s the problem. And unexpected issues that can decimate your rankings, like facing down the latest algorithm, are your weakness.

Staying ahead of the game and predicting Google’s next move more accurately than the next brand is what will save you here.

We’ll defend your organic market share with our very lives. Okay, not our lives. Our superior knowledge, skill and strategy in enterprise SEO. Which is arguably more useful in this particular circumstance.

Your agency is focusing on quick – but ultimately detrimental – wins to keep your business

Pressure to hit quarterly revenue targets has driven many an agency to cut corners. Long-term planning is a worthwhile sacrifice if it’ll justify their expensive rates, right? Hmm. Try saying that to Google’s face, why don’t you?

Mobile-first indexing wasn’t the only thing that rearranged the pecking order in 2018. Google also amplified the E-A-T signals (the industry debate on how impactful this adjustment was, well that’s another post in itself), further rewarding brands that focus on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. A backlink profile populated with spam and unnatural links won’t help you either.

Protecting Business Value

Some brands emerged triumphant from this update. Debenhams and, with their stellar UX and array of backlinks, saw some of the biggest ever visibility increases for an enterprise SEO team. Others, well – not so much.’s visibility dropped by around 25% because their backlink profile contains – there’s no polite way to say it – a mess of spam. (Unless there’s a valid reason’s image server should link to a fast-fashion retailer?)

We’ll focus on the long-term, with a steadfast SEO strategy that can withstand major algorithm updates. In other words: true ROI. The kind of strategy that laughs in the face of quick ‘wins’, with a scalable and repeatable performance.

We focus on relevance and quality in every element of our SEO, from information architecture to internal linking. Because this is the enterprise game, and staying on top when others crumble is how you win.

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