How To Improve Paid Social Media ROI (Global Fashion Brands)

Paid social for global fashion brands

Your brand needs little introduction. You already have more fans than you can shake a designer umbrella at, so it’s not like you’re desperately throwing yourself into paid social trying to make yourself known. But still, it would be silly not to use it to your best advantage.

The question is, how do you manage paid social for a global brand like yours in a way that actually, you know – makes a difference? And if you’re asking that question, you’re probably getting these things wrong:

You’re not focusing on your existing customers

The internet is crowded (in case you hadn’t noticed), and it’s only going to get worse. New brands emerge daily, and more established ones refuse to give up their hard-earned real estate without a fight. Fortunately, you already have a loyal band of fashion-savvy fans. You can rise above the noise – and stay there – by giving them the love they deserve. And the beauty of paid social is that it’ll let you reach them in ways that organic social won’t.

It’s important to win the affections of new followers, of course, but it’s long-known that existing customers are where the money’s at. And (for bonus points) your customer journey can be shortened dramatically when you woo the people who already know and adore you.

We’ll keep you in the hearts and wallets of your loyal page-likers by creating a platter of fun, shareable content – with a side of ‘Hey you, buy something’ content where it fits.

Ditch the default settings

Default settings do not a successful social media campaign make. We get it: social dashboards are complicated and confusing. But your brand will underperform if you leave everything set to generic.

Listen, Facebook’s default bid method is auction buying, which, you know, is fine for physical conversions. But if you want to do something more exotic, like change brand perception, you’re going to need to switch things up.

It’s important to get down-and-dirty with the details too, so we’ll fully populate everything (no, that’s not a euphemism) we can. Colour, material, product-set segmentation. All of it. We’ll leave no shoe unturned.

Get really, pedantically detailed on acquisition targeting

Acquisition targeting can be tricky to get right, especially when you’re using Facebook’s – or any major platform’s – standard settings. That’s what brands who fumble their way through and hope for the best do. Because without targeting the right users, you’re not going to attract the right customers. Or, well, you will – but it’ll cost a lot more than it should.

We’ll kick things up a notch or three by using third-party data sources that offer ridiculously granular targeting ­– and we’ll put that info to ridiculously good use. Sure, it’ll look more expensive at the outset, but your ROAS will soon have you hunting for other paid media to throw your budget at. You can thank us later. Preferably with money.


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