Content Marketing For Fashion Brands

You’ve heard again and again that content marketing is a must if you want to rank well on Google.

And you’ve got good content. Trouble is, you can’t quite figure out what to do with it to get results.

Or maybe you’re struggling with the whole ‘content creation’ thing, too. Either way, we can help. We’ll collaborate with your in-house team or oversee the whole operation, depending on your needs.

What We Can Help You With

Our aim is to promote your brand, get people reading about you – and, of course, linking back to you. Because, as we’re sure you know, backlinks are the gold dust of SEO.

The more people linking back to you, the better. But even more important is the quality of those links.

What you need are backlinks from well-known, well-respected, relevant websites. And we’ll help you get those.

We don’t use email spam monkeys to fire off thousands of generic emails a week like most digital marketing agencies.

If you work with us, we promise the pitches we send out in your name won’t look like this:

Hello <NAME>, I’m a big fan of your blog,  Please promote my thing + ruin your credibility with your readers. Kthxbai.

We won’t tarnish your brand with obviously-nonsense pitches that a blind dog in a dark alley could see through.

Instead of hiring a new graduate on minimum wage and dubbing him our ‘outreach manager’, we use influencers from the fashion and beauty industry to do personalised, effective outreach on your behalf.

That’s right: we’re talking about our top editors over at Fashion Fix Daily, who are well-known in the UK fashion scene for their own blogs and hefty social media followings.

These are real people with legit reputations in the industry. Reputations that open doors the other agencies’ spam monkeys can’t even find. We’re talking #GIRLBOSSES fluent in fashion, marketing and retail. This means we can secure better spots at better prices, and help even huge high-street brands punch well above their weight.

How This Works

If you’ve already got your content sorted, be it blog posts, podcasts, videos or something else, we’ll help you distribute it around the web in places that matter, with a view to getting those all-important quality backlinks.

If you don’t have any content to work with yet, that’s fine. Our team of talented fashion and beauty writers can help with that, too.

We’ll come up with an angle – a story – to help promote your brand. Then we’ll pitch it at fashion bloggers and other popular, relevant media outlets, again scoring those sought-after backlinks.

Either way, within six weeks of implementing our campaign, you’ll see results emerging.

Ready to Sort Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Give us a shout using the contact form below, and we’ll shout right back at you just as soon as we’ve finished checking Instagram.


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