Brand Loyalty is a Myth: Does Your Content Marketing Live in a Bubble?

Content marketing for fashion brands with physical stores

People are doing something downright rude when visiting your stores these days. In fact – not to call you out or anything – but you’ve probably done it yourself. And that thing is (whisper) checking Amazon reviews while standing with your product in their hands. And it’s not just the reviews they’re looking at – it’s the prices. ‘I can probably get it cheaper on Amazon’ is a phrase uttered by many a shopper.

So your task? Is making people want what you have without feeling the need to have a quick nosey on Amazon first. And content marketing can help with that. Like, it can really help with that. Just… not if you’re doing any of the following:

You’re acting like your ideal customer is your only customer

Okay, so yes, your brand team probably has an ideal customer in mind. And that, naturally, is who they target their content at. The trouble is that this approach could be alienating the other lovely people who might otherwise buy from you. Because let’s face it, brands usually grow by attracting buyers across all segments. Audi drivers buy VW Golfs for their second cars. UK shoppers go to Waitrose and Lidl.

If your content’s struggling to attract more buyers, you might want to cast a wider net. Because your loyal fans are, well – they’re already loyal. The trick is in catching more of them. And they might not be where you think they are. Whether you want to attract more of the same or make your brand more attractive to different kinds of buyers, we can help. We’ll figure out the right type of content (using fun things like social engagement stats), and then we’ll craft it around a consistent, long-term storytelling approach that makes the people want you— er, your products.

You’re not connecting your digital presence to your physical presence

Are you one of the many brands not yet using technology like beacons to deliver content to nearby mobile consumers? PROBABLY. Because that’s most brands. Which can only mean one thing (dramatic drumroll): it’s your time to shine. We often find that brands’ content marketing plans are so focused on delivering content to other platforms (Facebook, YouTube, blah blah blah) that they entirely neglect this modern-day oddity – the physical store. And if that’s you too, you’re missing a trick. A potentially very lucrative trick.

Fortunately, the bar for creating a positive mobile experience for users in public is loooow. Attracting shoppers on the street into your stores is a no-brainer, given that content can be delivered over the very devices that are never out of their palms, even as they walk face-first into a lamppost. There’s a lot we can do here. Seriously, some stores in the US even use facial recognition to identify when big spenders are on the premises. So yeah: it’s probably time to properly incorporate mobile into your content action plan. And we can help you do it.

You’re falling prey to your own confirmation bias

Hands up if you’re guilty of putting out content without checking it against market research that goes beyond your ideal consumer. Because it’s on brand! It’s what we do! It’s what we’ve always done! Well la de da. Do we really have to say it again? Brands usually grow by attracting buyers from outside their narrow definition of an ideal consumer.

What you need, and what we ­do – completely coincidentally and serendipitously – is research across a wider spectrum of potential shoppers. Research that focuses on more than just the last click. Research that focuses on the journey that brings people to the last click. Because if you have that, you can figure out which content marketing options work with different groups of buyers, and then, you know… do more of that. Which will result in – dun dun duunnn! – more buyers overall. And wouldn’t that be just dandy?


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