Startups: Hard Truths To Guide Your Ambitious Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing for up-and-coming fashion brands

Content marketing is a tricky beast, isn’t it? Especially when you’re a startup on a budget. Which is, well, all startups. So far your efforts likely include a blog, a photography section, a plethora of fabulously witty (or… not so much?) tweets and, if you’re lucky, the odd video.

It’s probably a bit haphazard, but hey, you’re going for it. Trouble is, if you don’t straighten out soon, you’re going to run out of cash before you get where you’re going. What you need… IS A PLAN. One that tells your brand story consistently across multiple channels, and does so in such a captivating way it can’t not work.

Now we have some bad news: if you’re guilty of any of the following, you’re doing it wrong.

Your ROI forecasts aren’t realistic

So it turns out that basing your ROI forecasts on last-click data isn’t all that effective. Yeah. Sorry to burst your bubble, but unless you know how somebody arrived at that last-click (where was their first click? why did they make it? what happened in the middle?), this kind of ROI forecast isn’t going to – how do we put this gently? – meet your expectations.

At this early stage, you probably don’t have the metrics to piece together that user journey anyway, so trying to write up an ROI forecast of any kind is going to be tricky. Better, instead, to focus on getting the basics right. Creating damn good content and putting it where your ideal customers are most likely hanging out. And then? Testing, testing, testing. Figure out what works so you can do more of it. Fortunately, that’s our speciality. (We do love a deep dive into some stats. Mmm, stats…)

You’re getting ahead of yourself because you need to make money FAST

You can’t build a meaningful connection with your customers by throwing quick, cheap content at them. If you want fast results, use ads. If you want to build a lasting relationship that yields loyal customers, respect the journey. It’s like dating: take it slow, build rapport, have a few laughs and then propose (aka Make Dat Pitch) – when the moment is right. After all, getting someone’s email address is hard enough, let alone their credit card details.

We’ve never seen an individual piece of content perform a miracle for less than £1000. The research and creative talent required is almost certainly going to be more than you’re willing to spend at this stage. Instead, focus on the long-term when it comes to content marketing. We can help you put together a solid action plan that moves you steadily towards your goal, all while making every penny count.

You’re putting junior staff on crucial writing jobs

Everyone can write, sure. But not everyone can write well. And barely anybody can write compelling copy that entrances and entices – which is what you need if you’re going to make this content marketing thing work in your favour. So why are you putting your most inexperienced workers on the job?

If you want to put out content that works, you must have experienced, talented writers on your team. Funnily enough, we have a few of them on ours. Perhaps we can lend them to you? You know, for a fee. And once you’ve nailed the written content, it’s time to move on to bolder things – video, podcasts, putting your logo on a payload to Mars. You know, the usual. We can help with that, too. (Well, some of it.)


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