How Fear of Failure Ruined Content Marketing For Brands

Content marketing for online-only fashion brands

You’re an online-only brand, so you understand the importance of content marketing (you can thank Captain Obvious for that gem). But can you remember why?

Chances are you’ve been doing this so long you’ve fallen into some bad habits – or are just stuck in your ways. Let’s find out!

If you’re guilty of any of the following, the answer is YES:

Your content’s more generic than genius

Yes, you get that content is important, of course. You have a strategy and checkboxes and enthusiastic rookies who can throw out content as fast as you need it. It’s just that, well… strategies and checkboxes and enthusiastic rookies aren’t enough. They’re the bare minimum, which means your content’s probably looking a little lacklustre, to say the least. Lacklustre – and indistinguishable from all the other brands.

Gone are the days of being able to diligently and quickly create relevant content that gets results. Now, the stakes are higher. Everyone’s putting content out there, and yours has to be better than theirs. It has to be different. It’s got to be something people devour (and share, natch). Enter: Team McGarry.

We have experience, we have ideas, and we laugh in the face of fear. Because to get noticed now? You’ve got to be bold and you’ve got to take risks. And nobody ever accused us of playing it safe.

You don’t care about the things you’re supposed to care about

We’re not trying to call you heartless or anything – but the public might, if you don’t show that you care. Well, they’re probably more likely to call you soulless, but hey – potayto potahto. There’s a reason Apple puts ‘Designed in California’ on the back of its products, and not ‘Made in China under allegedly questionable factory conditions’, and it’s not because it takes up less space.

There’s no getting around it: the public are more conscientious and aware of ethical considerations now than ever before. Your content marketing is the perfect opportunity to promote your values, your stories and your vision – helping you to connect with like-minded people who’ll become not just your loyal customers but also vocal ambassadors who shout about you to anyone who’ll listen. And, not that we’re devious tacticians or anything, but if you speak out about something that garners worldwide attention, what’s the harm? (We’re giving Gillette some serious side-eye right now.)

You haven’t changed your approach for aaaaages

Look, we get it. If it works, it works! Why change it? And the obvious answer, if you’ll forgive us for the snark (or not, whatever, we tells it like we tells it), is because the world is changing around you. And what worked for you then won’t work for you now. Maybe. The important thing is you’ve got to check every once in a while, not just stumble blindly on and hope for the best.

If you haven’t updated your approach for a while, we’re guessing you probably need a smarter mix of content distribution. Because if you go all-in on a single idea, relying too much on one channel, you can miss the big picture. The big picture being more dollah-dollah bills (okay, so we’re British, but poundy-pound notes just doesn’t have the same ring. Please, focus on the issue at hand) in your bank account.

We can help you mitigate the risk of non-engagement by testing out different approaches across multiple platforms, all to figure out the best approach for attracting your ideal customer right now, today. Because you can’t know what delivery method works best for your ideal customer until you test a whole taster menu of approaches. And that’s kind of our thing. Okay, it’s totally our thing.


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