Top 3 Repeated Mistakes We See In Content Marketing

Content marketing for global fashion brands

The internet, huh? Apparently it’s a pretty big deal these days. And your online-only rivals? They know it. Well, duh. Of course they know it. They’re online brands. Who just so happen to be stealing your market share with their nimble, lightning-fast approach to content marketing.

And you know what that means: your short-term, haphazard thinking won’t cut it any more. You need to take this more seriously. But how? If you’re struggling to get worthwhile results from your content marketing efforts, we’re betting you’re guilty of the following:

Focusing on the sexiest channel at the expense of what works

Content – you’ve got to put it somewhere, so why not go with the sexiest channel and leave it at that? After all, that’s the one you’re most likely to have success with, right? It’s new and exciting and everyone is hanging out there these days. Why bother diluting your influence when you can make a big impact with just one channel? Well. Well, well, well. The thing is, even though your chosen channel may be the sexiest, most popular one, that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. And there’s no way you can know without, you know… checking.

Instead of going all-in on a single idea without reeeally proving it works first (which, let’s face it, persona research doesn’t), we’ll figure out the best approach for you by measuring the actual behaviour of your customers – which is often unpredictable and contradictory. People are funny like that, what with their emotions and their whims.

In short: we’ll help you prove traction before you invest heavily in any one tactic – because knowing what gets traction for different types of fashion and lifestyle brands is kind of our thing. Okay, it’s totally our thing.

There’s no nice way to say it: you’re behind the times

Listen, we don’t blame you. That’s just what happens when you get bigger and older. You become slower, too. Which means your content isn’t timely or relevant enough. (Oh hey, there is a nice way to say it.)

Remember when Burger King’s savage ‘Explains a lot’ tweet to Kanye became the most-liked branded tweet of all time? It got signed off in 30 minutes flat. True, we’re not necessarily talking about tweeting here, but the method applies across all content marketing platforms: you either need timeless, evergreen content, or your hot little fingers must be hovering over the Send button at all times, ready to strike at the opportune moment. Preferably both.

Or, you know, you can fade into irrelevance while the online-only brands oust you from your throne. We can help you avoid this dastardly fate by creating a content marketing roadmap that not only factors in seasonality and celebrated moments – but also leaves room for manoeuvre, so you can act fast and stay relevant.

You’re struggling to balance consistency with excitement

It’s true: consistency and excitement don’t exactly go hand in hand. But if you want to represent your brand in a recognisable way AND keep people interested, you’re going to have to learn to balance on that tightrope. Because if you don’t, you’ll either come off as boring and bland – or scattered and confusing. We probably don’t need to tell you that neither is a good way to attract new customers.

You don’t want to stick so rigidly to global brand guidelines that people’s eyes glaze over when they encounter your content – you might as well rebrand as Forgettable Fashion. But you also won’t remain in anyone’s mind if you’re constantly flitting in and out of it with random, inconsistent content instead of maintaining a steadfast presence.

We’ll help you put together a content action plan that maps out the hottest topics, allowing you to be consistent AND sexy at the same time, all while radiating authority and passion. With us by your side, you’ll be the Elizabeth Taylor of content marketing. Honest.


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