Why Fashion Startups Need Smart Analytics

Analytics for up-and-coming fashion brands

You’re a shiny new fashion brand! Congratulations! And welcome to hell. Wait, did we say hell? We meant the land of sunshine and analytics.

Because analytics are the path to salvation. Or something. ANYWAY. If your brand’s under five years old, there’s a 90% chance your analytics aren’t set up in a way that’s going to lead you to sales, profits, and enlightenment.

And we’re guessing you’ve got a couple of major problems:

You’re not sure your analytics are set up right in the first place

In the early stages of growing a fashion brand, money is a precious resource. Well, arguably it will remain so throughout the life of your brand, but let’s not get bogged down in semantics. The point is: if you’re going to grow, you need to use analytics effectively, and you can’t do that if they’re not set up right. That means you can’t just be tracking sales – you’ve also got to keep an eye on newsletters, account signups, form interactions, when people add things to baskets, and pretty much every other action people take when interacting with your brand.

So… are you? Do you even know? If you’re not sure, we can tell you. We’ll have a qualified analytics pro review your account – and set you up with a tagging and tracking plan that records your visitors’ behaviour, so you can start to use your analytics data in a more meaningful way. We can also get you set up with Google Tag Manager (GTM), so you can manage JavaScript and HTML tags without needing to hire a developer every single time.

Your analytics don’t clearly show the whole customer journey

If you don’t know what marketing channel to focus on to increase orders, your analytics aren’t telling you what you need to know. Which means they’re not set up particularly well (is this the part where we leap dramatically onto the stage?) – and you need someone who knows what they’re doing to set you straight (no, it’s now, isn’t it?).

But it doesn’t actually matter how good – how detailed – your analytics set-up is if you don’t use that info to the greatest effect. Because it’s not the data itself that brings in the big bucks, but what you do with that data.

That’s why we don’t just set your analytics up to gather complete and accurate data – we set it up in such a way that it tells a story. We light the way from a customer’s first encounter with your brand all the way through to the moment they hit ‘Buy’, allowing you to create an advanced marketing plan that guides people through the sales journey step by step. And you know what that means: the most beautiful ROI you ever did see.


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