3 Enterprise Analytics Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

Analytics for global fashion brands

Look, we’re not saying that running a huge, multinational brand is a bad thing. We’re just saying that it can, you know… create difficulties.
Especially when it comes to your analytics, which are, as we’re sure you’re aware, completely vital to figuring out how your brand’s performing and how it can perform better.

And if your current approach involves letting your different markets’ analytics teams do their own thing, we’re guessing you’ve got a couple of major problems:

Big analytics changes take too long to implement

When you’re THIS big (pretend we’re outstretching our arms as far as we can), it can be hectic when a change comes along that requires your analytics settings to be updated – across the whole freaking business.

We’re talking hundreds of reporting views, all needing to be updated at once.

This would be fine – easy breezy – if you were relatively small and didn’t have countless outposts across the globe.

But you’re not and you do.

Big analytics changes cost a lot to implement with no ROI guarantee

Your team’s up to the task, of course. It will just take time. So much tiiiiime.

Not ideal when you’re doing it in preparation for a global launch event, which is so often the case. And who can ever forget that time equals money – and would perhaps be better spent on something other than this sort of grunt work. Like, say, a process that can be applied to every big analytics overhaul your brand has to do.

Well, it’s funny you should say that, because that’s just the sort of thing we’re good for.

We deliver robust, scalable processes that make updating your analytics business-wide seamless – ensuring consistency, speed and fewer headaches.

Your day-to-day analytics processes are currently impossible to automate

It’s not always the big, global launch events giving you an analytics-shaped headache, is it? Even the more mundane, day-to-day tasks seem to be done differently across every market your brand encompasses. Different teams doing things different ways makes automation damn near impossible. Which is a shame, because automation is a really great way to save money (other ridiculously obvious business advice available on request).

Aaaanyway, there’s no denying that this lack of standardisation makes your approach to analytics inefficient. Insights shouldn’t take this long to filter up to the C-suite or down to the teams in the trenches, you know? And they don’t have to.

We use APIs and automate processes that could save you hundreds of hours every month across each of your markets. If it involves data, requires manual action and repeatedly takes up a hefty slice of your team’s time? We’re here for it. And when we’re done, your in-house team will be free to do the work that really matters: gathering delicious, delicious business intelligence.


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