Amazon Advertising

There’s a reason why Amazon Advertising is one of the hottest trends in paid media advertising right now. Did you know more people now begin their online searches on Amazon than Google when they’re shopping for something specific? And also that Amazon is steadily claiming a growing share of online clothing sales?

Amazon Buying Trends

Amazon in UK has a growing share of online clothing sales. UK Data Source | US Data Source

That means you should probably be selling your stuff there too, particularly if you sell menswear. Men are less, er, let’s say ‘aesthetically sensitive’ than women, which means they’re more likely to be found hot-footing it through Amazon than trawling endless Google results. Consider this: if somebody searches for something on Amazon ­– men’s shirts, for example – and you’re not there, do you even exist? Recode Amazon Story

Your name needs to be in the conversation to have a chance of winning those sales from Amazon. We get it. You make more margin when you sell your stuff from your own site. But if people aren’t searching on Google, and you’re nowhere to be seen on Amazon, well – isn’t some margin better than none?

What We Can Help You With

The good news is, if you get started now, you’ll be ahead of the game. Many big-name brands haven’t ventured into Amazon yet because they’re wary of diluting their brands and their market share. That works in our favour, so thank you, big-name scaredy-cats. As part of an Amazon Advertising plan, we’ll help you:

  • Research product KPIs
  • Measure profitability
  • Monitor the competition
  • And run ads that get results

Speaking of Amazon ads, here are three ad types we can set up for you: Amazon Headline Search Ads Adverts that appear above relevant search results, putting you directly in your ideal customers’ line of vision. Like this: Amazon-PPC-Headline-Search-Ad-680px Amazon Product Display Ads Adverts featured on related products’ individual pages, allowing you to tempt customers away from another brand – and towards yours. Like this: Amazon-PPC-Product-Display-Ad-680px Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Adverts that appear below relevant search results, for when you want to catch the attention of shoppers who can’t stop scrolling. Like this: Amazon-PPC-Sponsored-Product-Ad-680px

How This Works

We’ll begin by talking things over to figure out which is the right path for your brand, depending on what you want to achieve. Amazon PPC ads? Better organic results? Both? Amazon takes things like reviews, seller ratings and other engagement signals into account when determining products’ visibility in results, and we’ll take all that into consideration when we dive in. Once we’ve figured out what you want to achieve and what we need to do to get you there, we’ll go in and get to work, optimising your account to make sure your name’s in the game.

Ready to Race Ahead of Your Competitors on Amazon?

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